Mendel, GregorJohann

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Mendel, GregorJohann (1822–84)An Austrian Augustinian monk in the monastery at Brünn (now Brno), whose interest in natural science led him to conduct the experiments which resulted in his discovery of the underlying principles of heredity. His experiments began in 1856 and were conducted in the monastery garden. They involved crossing varieties of garden peas, each of which had certain distinctive features, and recording the appearance of those features in the progeny. Mendel took part in the meetings of the Naturforscher Verein (natural science society) in Brünn and it was there that he reported his results on 8 March 1865. In 1900, while searching the literature in connection with their own research, K. E. Correns, E. Tschermak von Seysenegg, and H. de Vries came across Mendel's paper describing results similar to their own. Mendel was elected abbot of his monastery in 1854.