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wag·on / ˈwagən/ (Brit. also wag·gon) • n. a vehicle used for transporting goods or another specified purpose: a coal wagon an ammunition wagon. ∎  a four-wheeled trailer for agricultural use, or a small version of this for use as a child's toy. ∎  a horse-drawn vehicle, esp. a covered wagon used by early settlers in North America and elsewhere. ∎  a wheeled cart or hut used as a food stall. ∎  a small cart or wheeled table used for serving drinks or food. ∎  a vehicle like a camper used by gypsies or circus performers. ∎ inf. short for station wagon. ∎  Brit. a railroad freight car. PHRASES: fix someone’s wagon bring about a person’s downfall or spoil their chances of success.hitch one's wagon to a starsee hitch.off the wagon (of an alcoholic) drinking after a period of abstinence: she fell off the wagon two days after making a resolution to quit.on the wagon inf. (of an alcoholic) abstaining from drinking: Agnes was thinking of going on the wagon again.

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