Wagner, Sharon Blythe

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WAGNER, Sharon Blythe

WAGNER, Sharon Blythe. Also writes as M. E. Cooper, Carolyn Keene, Ann Sheldon, Blythe Stephens, Casey Stephens, Blythe Bradley. American, b. 1936. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Children's fiction. Publications: Prairie Wind, 1967; Dude Ranch Mystery, 1968; Curse of Still Valley, 1969; Country of the Wolf, 1970; Maridu, 1970; Circle of Evil, 1971; Gypsy from Nowhere, 1971; Winter Evil, 1971; Moonwind, 1971; House of Shadows, 1972; Legacy of Loneliness, 1972; Cry of the Cat, 1973; Gypsy and Nimblefoot, 1973; Satan's Acres, 1974; Shades of Evil, 1974; Colors of Death, 1974; Havenhurst, 1974; Roses from Yesterday, 1974; Dark Waters of Death, 1975; Dark Side of Paradise, 1975; The Turquoise Talisman, 1975; Shadow of Her Eyes, 1979; Haunted Honeymoon, 1979; Gypsy and the Moonstone Stallion, 1980; House of Doom, House of Desire, 1980; Secrets, 1980; Embraces, 1980; The Chadwicks of Arizona, 1981; Charade of Love, 1981; New Dreams for Kendra, 1982; Jacquelle's Shadow, 1982; Journey to Paradise, 1982; Tour of Love, 1983; Strangers Who Love, 1983; Change Partners, 1983; House on the Hill, 1988; The Lost Lilacs of Latimer House, 1990; Moonglow, 1995. WITH B. CASEY: Shadow on the Sun, 1972; Cove in Darkness, 1972; Wind of Bitterness, 1973; Haitian Legacy, 1973; Dark Sun at Midnight, 1976; Echoes of an Ancient, 1976; Bride of the Dullahan, 1976; Love's Broken Promises, 1979. AS BLYTHE BRADLEY: To Love a Stranger, 1993; Moon Over Black Bayou, 1993; Dark Cloister, 1994. AS M.E. COOPER: Picture Perfect, 1986. AS CAROLYN KEENE: Kachina Doll Mystery, 1981; Elusive Heiress, 1982; Broken Anchor, 1983; Emerald-Eyed Cat, 1984; Campfire Stories, 1984; The Eskimo's Secret, 1985. AS ANN SHELDON: The Haunted Valley, 1982; Secret of the Old Sleigh, 1983; The Emperor's Pony, 1983; Phantom of Dark Oaks, 1983. AS BLYTHE STEPHENS: Rainbow Days, 1989; Gift of Mischief, 1991; Wake to Darkness, 1992. AS CASEY STEPHENS: Porterfield Legacy, 1980; The Shadows of Fieldcrest Manor, 1980. Address: 2137 E Bramble Ave, Mesa, AZ 85204-1445, U.S.A.

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Wagner, Sharon Blythe

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