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ec·cen·tric / ikˈsentrik/ • adj. 1. (of a person or behavior) unconventional and slightly strange: my favorite aunt is very eccentric. 2. technical (of a thing) not placed centrally or not having its axis or other part placed centrally. ∎  (of a circle) not centered on the same point as another. ∎  (of an orbit) not circular. • n. 1. a person of unconventional and slightly strange views or behavior: he enjoys a colorful reputation as an engaging eccentric. 2. a disc or wheel mounted eccentrically on a revolving shaft in order to transform rotation into backward-and-forward motion, e.g., a cam in an internal combustion engine. DERIVATIVES: ec·cen·tri·cal·ly adv.

views updated

eccentricAmharic, barbaric, Garrick, Pindaric, samsaric •fabric • cambric • Aelfric • chivalric •geriatric, paediatric (US pediatric), Patrick, psychiatric, theatric •tantric •epigastric, gastric •alphanumeric, atmospheric, chimeric, cleric, climacteric, congeneric, Derek, derrick, Eric, esoteric, exoteric, ferric, generic, hemispheric, Herrick, Homeric, hysteric, mesmeric, numeric, skerrick, spheric, stratospheric •red-brick • Cedric •calendric, Kendrick •anthropometric, asymmetric, diametric, geometric, isometric, kilometric, metric, obstetric, psychometric, pyrometric, sociometric •electric, hydroelectric, photoelectric •androcentric, centric, concentric, eccentric, egocentric, ethnocentric, Eurocentric, geocentric, phallocentric, theocentric •airbrick • hayrick • Friedrich •Dietrich •empiric, lyric, panegyric, Pyrrhic, satiric, satyric, vampiric •pinprick • citric • oneiric • hydric •nitric •aleatoric, allegoric, anaphoric, camphoric, categoric, choric, Doric, euphoric, historic, metaphoric, meteoric, phantasmagoric, phosphoric, pyrophoric, semaphoric, sophomoric, theophoric, Warwick, Yorick •con trick •auric, boric, folkloric •Kubrick, rubric •Ugric • Cymric • xeric • firebrick •Rurik, sulphuric (US sulfuric), telluric, Zürich •Frederick • Roderick • undertrick •agaric • Alaric • choleric • limerick •turmeric •archbishopric, bishopric •rhetoric • maverick • overtrick •Masaryk

views updated

eccentric not concentric XVI (as sb. XV); not central or referable to a centre; irregular, odd XVII; sb. (person) XIX, after F. — late L. eccentricus, f. Gr. ékkentros, f. ek out, EX-2 + kéntron CENTRE; cf. (O)F. excentrique.
Hence eccentricity XVI.