views updated May 17 2018

pert / pərt/ • adj. (of a girl or young woman) sexually attractive because lively or saucy: a pert Belgian actress. ∎  (of a bodily feature or garment) attractive because neat and jaunty: she had a pert nose and deep blue eyes. ∎  (of a young person or their speech or behavior) impudent: no need to be pert, miss. ∎ another term for peart.DERIVATIVES: pert·ly adv.pert·ness n.


views updated May 18 2018

PERT Abbrev. for performance evaluation and review techniques. Management techniques for planning, scheduling, and controlling projects. Dependencies are drawn as directed graphs to show the logical sequence of activities that must occur before a project can be completed. See also critical path method.


views updated May 09 2018

pert (dial.) expert, intelligent XIII; open, manifest XIV; forward in behaviour XIV; (dial.) brisk, lively XVI. Aphetic of †apert (in these senses) XIII; — OF. apert — L. apertus open, pp. of aperīre; partly blended with OF. aspert, espert :- L. expertus expert.


views updated Jun 11 2018

pert. • abbr. pertaining.


views updated May 21 2018

pert. pertaining