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Acrobat Trademark A program produced by Adobe Systems Inc. for the production and manipulation of portable document format (PDF) files. Acrobat Reader is a utility for reading, displaying, and printing PDF files, and is available free. Most personal computers have a version of Acrobat Reader and most browsers now allow download and display of a PDF file using Acrobat. The full version of Acrobat (which is not free) provides a number of other features. It was originally called Acrobat Exchange (up to version 3) and includes a number of other features including Acrobat Distiller (a program for converting PostScript files into PDF files), Acrobat Capture (a utility for scanning directly to PDF files, with associated OCR), and Acrobat Catalog (for indexing PDF files for fast searches). The program also has facilities for adding bookmarks, notes, etc.


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ac·ro·bat / ˈakrəˌbat/ • n. 1. an entertainer who performs gymnastic feats.2. a person noted for constant change of mind, allegiance, etc.


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acrobat XIX. — F. acrobate — Gr. akrobátēs, f. akróbatos walking on tiptoe.