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tel·e·scop·ic / ˌteləˈskäpik/ • adj. 1. of, relating to, or made with a telescope. ∎  capable of viewing and magnifying distant objects. ∎  Astron. visible only through a telescope. 2. having or consisting of concentric tubular sections designed to slide into one another: a telescopic umbrella. DERIVATIVES: tel·e·scop·i·cal·ly / -ik(ə)lē/ adv.

views updated

telescopic •priapic • aspic • epic •philippic, prototypic, stereotypic •Olympic • nitpick •ectopic, gyroscopic, heliotropic, horoscopic, isotopic, isotropic, kaleidoscopic, macroscopic, microscopic, misanthropic, myopic, philanthropic, phototropic, telescopic, topic, tropic •Ethiopic • biopic •Inupik, Yupik •toothpick

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