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soar / sôr/ • v. [intr.] fly or rise high in the air: the bird spread its wings and soared into the air | fig. when she heard his voice, her spirits soared. ∎  maintain height in the air without flapping wings or using engine power: the gulls soared on the summery winds. ∎  increase rapidly above the usual level: the cost of living continued to soar | [as adj.] (soaring) the soaring crime rate. DERIVATIVES: soar·er n. soar·ing·ly adv. ORIGIN: late Middle English: shortening of Old French essorer, based on Latin ex- ‘out of’ + aura ‘breeze.’

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soar XIV. Aphetic — (O)F. essorer (used refl.) :- Rom. *exaurāre, f. L. EX-1 + aura air in motion.

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