Zachariae, Johann

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Theologian, opponent of John Hus; b. Erfurt c. 1362; d. there, July 25, 1428. As an Augustinian he was sent to Oxford in 1384, where he was a lector (138491). Having obtained a doctorate of theology at Bologna, he was incorporated at the University of Erfurt by 1410. Johann's sermons (six are extant) at the Council of constance, where he was the delegate of the University of Erfurt, were memorable. He is said to have convicted John hus, whence his title "Hussomastix." Contrary to tradition, he did not receive the golden rose from martin v, who brought it to the Augustinian house at Erfurt, March 6, 1418, for the Emperor sigismund, who resided there.

Zachariae was provincial of the Saxon Province of Augustinians, 1419 to 1423 and 1425 to 1427. In 1419 he presided at the general chapter of Asti, which ended the division within the order caused by the western schism; his vote decided in favor of Augustine Favaroni of Rome as general. Zachariae wrote an extensive commentary on the Apocalypse as well as Notabilia on Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

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