Warmund of Ivrea, Bl.

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Bishop; alive in 1006; died between 1010 and 1014. Warmund (Varmondo, Veremundus) was named bishop of Ivrea by Emperor otto i in 969. His public life was part of the conflict between civil and ecclesiastical powers for control of the city of Ivrea, in Piedmont, Italy. His main antagonist was King Arduin of Italy whom he twice excommunicated between 997 and 999. A poet and a craftsman, Warmund restored the cultural arts to subalpine Italy by his building projects, which included the cathedral of Ivrea, and by introducing Carolingian bookhands into the scriptorium of his episcopal school. Many of his poems are extant, as are manuscripts done under his supervision. Pius IX confirmed his cult in 1857.

Feast: Aug. 9.

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