Waldteufel, Emil

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WALDTEUFEL, EMIL (1837–1915), composer. He was born in Strasbourg, where his father, Lazare Waldteufel (Wallteufel), was a piano teacher at the conservatory, and his brothers were also active as musicians. Emil Waldteufel studied at the Paris Conservatory, but left before graduating and began to write dance music. His waltzes became perennial favorites, including Très Jolie (op. 154), Dolores (op. 170), Estudiantina (op. 191), and especially España (op. 286) and the "Skaters' Waltzes" (Les Patineurs, op. 183). In 1865 Waldteufel was appointed chamber musician to Empress Eugénie and director of the court balls.

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Waldteufel, Emil

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