Valabrègue, Mardochée Georges

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VALABRÈGUE, MARDOCHÉE GEORGES (1852–1930), French soldier. Born in Carpentras, he was commissioned as a high artillery officer in 1873 and in 1877 was appointed instructor at the military academy. He became secretary to the French army's High Committee on Methods of Warfare in 1881 and was assistant to the minister of war, General André, from 1886 to 1902, when he was made head of the French artillery academy. Subsequently, Valabrègue commanded the 12th infantry division with the rank of major general and following the outbreak of World War i was given command of a group of two reserve divisions at the battle of the Marne. In the following year he was made a member of the French High Command and in 1917 inspector general of the Armed Forces.

[Mordechai Kaplan]