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URIS , family of U.S. builders and philanthropists. Percy Uris (1899–1971), who was born in New York City, entered the investment building business in 1920 with his father Harris Uris (1870–1945), a Lithuanian immigrant and previously an ornamental iron manufacturer. Uris Brothers eventually became one of the largest building companies in the United States, and when its various real estate and building holdings were merged into the Uris Buildings Corporation in 1960, Percy Uris became president. His brother Harold Uris (1905–1982), who was born in New York, entered the building business with his father and brother in 1925, and he became chairman of the board upon the firm's amalgamation in 1960. A patron of the arts, he served on the board of the New York City Center for Music and Drama. He also served as a trustee of the New York Federation of Jewish Philanthropies for many years.

In 1957 Percy and Harold founded the Uris Brothers Foundation as a means to "give something back" to the city that had been so accommodating to their father and to their own entrepreneurial endeavors. The foundation has donated millions of dollars to New York City charities, especially those that deal with education and housing.