Ungar, Benjamin

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UNGAR, BENJAMIN (1907–1983), *ḥazzan. Born in Jaslo, Galicia, Poland, Ungar studied with several notable cantors and composers before taking his first position as ḥazzan in Magdeburg, Germany. From there he moved to Stendal and in 1938 went to Israel. He officiated in several Tel Aviv synagogues and in 1959 became chief ḥazzan of the Tel Aviv Great Synagogue. The possessor of a powerful and rich tenor voice, Ungar gained a reputation through his many concert, radio, and television appearances, and became known internationally through his records and concert tours. In 1966 he became chairman of the Association of Cantors of Israel. In May 1983 Ungar was made a Distinguished Citizen of Tel Aviv.

[Akiva Zimmerman (2nd ed.)]