Thyräus, Hermann

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Jesuit theologian and preacher; b. Neuss in the Rhineland, 1532; d. Mainz, Oct. 26, 1591. He studied at Cologne and in 1552 at the Collegium Germanicum, newly founded by Pope Julius III on August 31 of that year. On May 26, 1556, he was accepted as a novice in the Society of Jesus by (St.) Ignatius Loyola and in the same year began a fouryear term as lecturer in theology at Ingolstadt. In 1560 he taught at Trier, becoming rector of the college in 1565, provincial of the Rhineland province in 1571, and finally rector of the college at Mainz in 1578. Besides theological writings that include the valuable Confessio Augustana (Dillingen 1567), he left several volumes of sermons that attest to his renown as a preacher.

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