Teller, Ẓevi Lazar

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TELLER, ẒEVI LAZAR (originally Hirsch Lazar ; 1840–1914), Hebrew educator and writer. Born in Zolochev, Galicia, he taught in Jewish schools in Romania (1866–86), and later in Galicia. In Romania he was an active member of the Ḥibbat Ẓion movement and upon his return to Galicia became a leader of the Zionist movement there. Beginning in the 1870s, he published poems, translations of poems, and articles on current affairs in the Hebrew press.

His books include Te'udat Yisrael (1878); Leshon Limmudim (a grammar, 1884); Za'akat Shever (1885); Siftei Renanot (poems, 1892); Kol Elohim (poems and prose, 1897); Eḥarti Lavo (novel, 1908); and Hed ha-Am (poems, 1913). He also edited and published the first pedagogic periodical in Hebrew, Eitanim (3 issues; 1898).

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