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SUCCOTH-BENOTH (Heb. סֻכּוֹת־בְּנוֹת; lxx, Socchôth/bainith/benithei/banitha, Rochchôthbaineithei), unidentified deity worshiped by the Babylonians who were settled in Samaria after the fall of the Northern Kingdom (c. 722 b.c.e.; ii Kings 17:30). Succoth-Benoth is a corrupted form of the name of a popular Babylonian god or goddess. A theory based on the Septuagint rendering proposes to identify Succoth-Benoth as Sarpanītu, Marduk's consort, popularly known as Zêr-banitu, "creative seed." Another theory sees in Succoth-Benoth the Babylonian sag. ku (Ninurta?), as in Amos 5:26.

See also Sikkuth and *Chiun.


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