Signoret (Kaminker), Simone

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SIGNORET (Kaminker), SIMONE (1921–1985), French film actress. Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, the daughter of a French Army officer, Signoret (her mother's name) was brought up in Paris. A femme fatale role in Macadam (1946) started her rise to stardom in French films. In several productions she appeared with the singer and actor Yves Montand, whom she married in 1951. She achieved international stardom and an Oscar for her role in the British film Room at the Top (1959) and subsequently acted in other British, Italian, French, and American films, including L'Aveu (1970), La Vie devant soi (Madame Rosa; 1977), L'Adolescente (1979), and Chère inconnue (1980).

[Jonathan Licht]