Severin, Ss.

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The name of several saints in the early Church.

Severin, abbot and apostle of Noricum; d. Jan. 8,482. He was an Oriental monk of Latin origin, who for 30 years evangelized the lands surrounding Comagene and Astura (modern Stockerau and Hainburg on the banks of the Danube and Inn rivers in modern Bavaria). He founded a monastery at Boiotro near Passau and another at Faviana, where he died. When Odoacer repatriated the Romans, the monks transported Severin's body to Luculanum, near Naples (488), and later his relics were placed in the Benedictine monastery of S. Severino in Naples (910). Eugippius wrote his life.

Feast: Jan. 8.

Severin, sixth-century bishop of Septempeda in the Marches of Ancona; d. Ancona, 540. The town of Ancona changed its name to San Severino.

Feast: June 8.

Severin, abbot and confessor; d. Chateau-Landon, near Sens, France, 507. He is the abbot of the Monastery of Agaunum credited with a miraculous cure of clovis i, King of the Franks, and is probably identical with the St. Severin, hermit (feast, Nov. 27), after whom the church in Paris takes its name.

Feast: Feb. 11.

Severin, fifth-century bishop of Treves. He replaced (St.) Amand as bishop of Bordeaux and died there. In 587 Venantius Fortunatus wrote his life.

Feast: Oct. 23.

Severin, venerated as an ancient protector of Cologne. gregory of tours praises him for his virtue. Legend made him an opponent of Arianism in Tongres and placed his death in Bordeaux, whence his relics were translated to Cologne.

Feast: October 10.

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