Rottová (Mirovská), Inna

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ROTTOVÁ (Mirovská), INNA

ROTTOVÁ (Mirovská ), INNA (1935– ), Czech writer, publicist, and translator. Born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), U.S.S.R., into a Polish-Czech-Jewish family, she grew up in the Soviet Union (she experienced the siege of Leningrad), where she completed her studies in engineering, although her main interest was music. She married a Czech, studied the Czech language in Prague, and began to write in 1974. She published many stories in numerous literary magazines. After 1989 at least 25 books, collections of stories, short stories, and non-fiction sketches appeared, some of them as detective stories. There are many Jewish themes, characters, and topics in her works, especially in the documentary report A jiný glóbus nemáte? ("Don't You Have Another Globe?" 1998) or in Utajená svatba ("A Secret Wedding," 2000) and Tajemný cizinec a jiné židovské pověsti (1999; French, Legendes juives, 1999; German, Juedische Legenden, 1999). She was awarded the František Langer Prize and the Society of Agatha Christie Prize. Rottová lived in Prague.


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