Roman, Jacob ben Isaac

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ROMAN, JACOB BEN ISAAC (c. 1570–1650), bibliographer and writer; born in Constantinople of Spanish descent. While in Basle, Roman met Johannes *Buxtorf the Younger, who utilized the former's bibliographical knowledge for the appendix to his father's Bibliotheca Rabbinica, which he had edited. For a short while the two maintained correspondence, and the two extant letters by Roman were published in the Revue des Etudes Juives (8 (1844), 87–94). His plan to reestablish a Hebrew press in Constantinople did not reach fruition.

Roman compiled an Arabic-Turkish and an Arabic-Hebrew dictionary and composed a Hebrew prosody, "Mozenei Mishkal." He also translated some of Jonah ibn Janah's works from Arabic into Hebrew: none, however, was published.


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[Victor A. Mirelman]

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