Raclot, Mathilde

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Missionary and educator of the Ladies of St. Maur; b. Surauville (Vosges), 1814; d. Tokyo, 1911. At 18 years of age she entered the Institute of the Teachers of Charity of the Holy Child Jesus, founded by N. Barré and called the Ladies of St. Maur. She distinguished herself as an educator at Bagnoles and also at Bergiers. In 1852 she left for Malay at the head of a group of her sisters. They debarked at Penang and diligently devoted themselves to the urgent work there, founding orphanages, nurseries, and schools for the poor. Then she went to Japan, where she had been called by the vicar apostolic in 1872. She founded a house in Tokyo in 1875, and in Shidsuoka in 1903.

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