Médard of Noyon, St.

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Bishop; b. Salency (Picardy), France, early sixth century; d. c. 557. The son of a Frankish nobleman and a Gallo-Roman mother, Médard studied in Salency and Tournai. He succeeded Bp. Alomer of Vermand (c. 530). According to a highly suspect account by Bp. Radbod of Noyon (c. 1180), Médard moved the episcopal see to noyon because of barbarian attacks and at the same time took over the Diocese of Tournai; the two sees were united until 1114. Médard accepted the monastic vows of Queen radegunda; his career was noteworthy for active missionary work. The Feast of the Roses, on which each year the most exemplary maiden of Salency received a crown of roses in church, is considered to be his invention. His cult was widespread in the Middle Ages and was rewarded with many miracles, especially in Soissons, where his relics are preserved. He is a patron of agriculture and horticulture, and is invoked in cases of toothache and migraine. Even today his feast is the occasion of prayers for good weather. He is represented with mouth open, laughing (le ris de St. Médard ), teeth showing; a heart recalls his charitable activities.

Feast: June 8, Sept. 9, Oct. 1.

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