Maybaum, Sigmund

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MAYBAUM, SIGMUND (1844–1919), rabbi and lecturer on homiletics. Born in Miskolc, Hungary, Maybaum studied at the yeshivot of Eisenstadt (under I. *Hildesheimer) and Pressburg (Bratislava) and at the university and rabbinical seminary of Breslau. He officiated as rabbi in Dolni-Kubin, Hungary (1870–73), and Zatec, Bohemia (1873–81). In 1881 he was called to Berlin, where from 1888 he also lectured on homiletics at the *Hochschule fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums. In 1903 he was appointed professor. Active in the association of rabbis in Germany, in 1897 Maybaum was among those rabbis who protested against the idea of convening the Zionist Congress in Germany. His works include Die Anthropomorphien und Anthropopathien bei Onkelos und den spaeteren Targumim (1870), Die Entwicklung des alt-israelitischen Priestertums (1880), Die Entwicklung des israelitischen Prophetentums (1883), and Juedische Homiletik (1890). His important article on the life of Leopold *Zunz appeared in 1894 (in the 12th report of the Hochschule). Maybaum was an excellent preacher and his sermons were published in several volumes. A jubilee volume was published on the occasion of his 70th birthday.


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[Nahum N. Glatzer]