Mark, Bernard

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MARK, BERNARD (Berl ; 1908–1966), scholar and historian. Born in Lomza, Mark studied law at Warsaw University. Prior to World War ii, he published articles in Polish and Yiddish on literary history and edited left-wing periodicals. Between 1932 and 1939, he published a two-volume work in Yiddish entitled Geshikhte fun di Sotsiale Bavegungen in Poyln ("The History of Social Movements in Poland," 1938–39). During World War ii, he lived in the Soviet Union, where he was active on the Jewish *Anti-Fascist Committee, and in the Związek Patriotów Polskich ("Polish Patriots' Union"). In Moscow he published his first work on Jewish anti-Nazi uprisings in Poland. Upon returning to Poland (1946), he published a series of essays and collections of documents on Holocaust subjects. In 1949, Mark was appointed director of the *Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, and editor of its Bulletin and Bleter far Geshikhte. In 1954 he was appointed an associate professor. Mark visited Israel in 1957 and lectured at the Second World Congress of Jewish Studies. He strengthened the ties between the Jewish Historical Institute and research institutions in Israel, e.g., *Yad Vashem and the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (Jerusalem). His main works are The Extermination and the Resistance of the Polish Jews During the Period 19391944 (1955); Dokumenten un Materialen vegn Oyfshtand in Varshever Geto (1953); Der Oy fshtand in Varshever Geto (1963), translated into Polish, German, and Dutch; Di Yidishe Tragedye in der Poylisher Literatur (1950); Di Umgekumene Shrayber fun di Getos un Lagern un Zeyere Verk (1954); Der Oyfshtand in Byalistoker Geto (19532); and Di Geshikhte fun Yidn in Poyln (1957). add. bibliography: A. Grabski, Dzialalnosc komunistow wsrod Zydow w Polsce, 19441949 (2004), index.

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