Liutwin of Trier, St.

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Founder, bishop; d. Reims, Sept. 29, 717722. Liutwin was descended from Frankish nobility that had considerable prerogatives under the carolingians. In 690 Liutwin founded his monastery of Mettlach. Upon the death of his uncle, Basinus, in 705, he succeeded to his See of trier. He also became bishop of the dioceses of reims and Laon, probably through the grace of charles martel (716741). Liutwin's son Milo succeeded him as bishop of Trier and of Reims. Liutwin was buried at Mettlach; his remains were translated some time after 1483. His life was written by thiofrid of echternach (Monumenta Germaniae Historica: Scriptores [Berlin 1826] 15:12611268).

Feast: Sept. 29.

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