Lichtstein, Abraham ben Eliezer Lipman

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LICHTSTEIN, ABRAHAM BEN ELIEZER LIPMAN (18th–19th century), Polish rabbi. He functioned as rabbi in Wolkowysk, Lida, and Przasnysz, and as dayyan and preacher of the small town of Lask where he went to have more leisure to devote himself to his scholarly endeavors. Lichtstein is the author of the following works: Kanfei Nesharim (1881), a commentary on the Pentateuch containing explanations and homilies, some of them inspired by Naḥmanides, Gersonides, and Isaac Arama; Ammudei Shamayim (Warsaw, 1803), a commentary on Maimonides' formulation of the 13 articles of faith; Ge'ullat Olam (Grodno, 1822) on the Haggadah; Iggeret ha-Ẓofeh (Bialystok, 1806), a commentary on the Halakhot of Isaac Alfasi, explaining the latter's methodology; Or ha-Even (Sklow, 1822) on religious ethics and morals; and a commentary on the pseudo-Aristotelian Sefer ha-Tappu'aḥ. A commentary of his on Alfasi is still in manuscript.


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