Levy, Sir Albert

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LEVY, SIR ALBERT (1864–1937), English philanthropist. After a successful business career as founder, chairman, and managing director of the Ardath Tobacco Co., he retired in 1931 to devote himself to philanthropy. He was knighted in 1929. His special interest was hospitals. He donated £10,000 for hospitals to mark King George v's coronation in 1911, and in 1928, £100,000 to the Royal Free Hospital, London, of which he was treasurer from 1927 to 1937. The Albert Levy Benevolent Fund, which he founded, donated £400,000 to about 125 institutions. Among many offices he held were president and treasurer of the Eastman Dental Clinic. Despite the generosity of his philanthropy, Levy still managed to leave over £1.1 million when he died.

[John M. Shaftesley]