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LATTES , family originally from the town of Lattes, S. France, who settled in Italy in the 16th century. It included several illustrious members: elijah ben isaac lattes of Carcassonne, talmudist in the first half of the 13th century; his grandson Judah b. Jacob *Lattes, author of Ba'alei Asufot; isaac, son of Judah, talmudist, astronomer, and natural scientist, who lived in the first half of the 14th century, first in Montpellier, then in Perpignan; and his grandson Isaac b. Jacob *Lattes, a rabbi and physician in Provence. Bonet *Lattes (Jacob b. Emanuel) Provenzale, 15th–16th century, was an astronomer and physician to Pope Alexander vi. Others were Isaac Joshua *Lattes (d. c. 1570), author of numerous responsa and a commentary on *Bedersi's Beḥinat Olam; aaron elijah lattes (d. 1839), rabbi at Venice; and Abraham b. Isaac *Lattes (1809–1875), rabbi in Venice, grandson of Aaron Elijah. One of his sons was elia lattes (1843–1925), philologist and linguist, who taught at the Royal Academy of Milan, where the chair of Greek and Roman antiquities was especially created for him. He made important contributions to Etruscology. Abraham's second son moses (1846–1883) was a Hebrew philologist, historian, and rabbi. simone lattes founded a publishing house S. Lattes and Co. in 1839, which specialized in scientific publications. Dante *Lattes (1876–1965) was one of the protagonists of the Jewish culture and Zionist movement in Italy.


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