Landry (Landrich), Ss.

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Landry of Paris, bishop of Paris from 650 to c. 656;d. c. 660. He succeeded Andebert and distinguished himself by his charity during the famine of 651. The foundation of the hÔtel-dieu de paris is attributed to him. The only known charter of his episcopate concerned the abbey of Saint-Denis-en-France. This document is lost, but it is mentioned in the privilege of Clovis II, dated June 22, 654, to which the bishop affixed his signature. The relics of St. Landry were preserved in the church of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois in Paris, where they had been deposited in 1171. These relics, enclosed in a silver reliquary, were destroyed in 1798.

Feast: June 10.

Landry of Soignies, abbot, bishop; d. c. 730. He was the son of St. vincent madelgarius and St. waldetrud. He became abbot of Soignies (Hainaut, Belgium) and of Hautmont (Nord, France). He was a missionary bishop in the region of Brussels, particularly "in Meltis castellum," now Melsbroek, Belgium. The lists of bishops for Metz or Meaux either are very inaccurate or outrightly contradict any attempt to insert his name within their lists. Landry is very probably the person to whom Marculfus dedicated his Formulae. His relics are in the collegiate church of Soignies. There is a local cult to him there as well as at Melsbroek. His vita was written in Soignies in the 11th century or earlier.

Feast: April 17.

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