Janow Lubelski

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JANOW LUBELSKI (Pol. Janów Lubelski ; Rus. Yanov Lyubelski ), town in E. Poland. In the 16th century Jacob b. Isaac Ashkenazi, author of the Tsenah u-Re'enah (c. 1590), lived in Janow Lubelski. A traveler reported in 1678 that the Jews there owned especially well-built houses. In 1770 Jewish bakers and butchers were prohibited from selling bread or meat to non-Jews, and in general from trading outside the Jewish lane. There were 390 Jewish families in 1765, 1,520 persons (45.3% of the total population) in 1857, 1,447 (45.5%) in 1897, and 2,881 (44.8%) in 1921 with 13,407 (10.2%) in the whole district.

[Raphael Mahler]

Holocaust Period

In March 1941 a few hundred Jews from Vienna were deported to Janow Lubelski. A labor camp housing 1,000 Jews was set up there. In August 1942 the Jewish population was sent to the nearby towns of Zaklikow and Krasnik and were afterward deported to the death camp in Belzec.

[Stefan Krakowski]


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