Isfried, St.

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Premonstratensian bishop; d. 1204, probably June 15. He was canon of Cappenberg and from 1159 provost of Jerichow; he was consecrated bishop of Ratzeburg (Regensburg, Germany) in 1180. Isfried, the "soul" of the premonstratensians in North Germany, worked tirelessly for the consolidation of his own recently erected diocese and for the Christianization and German colonization of all the lands east of the Elbe. To the west his influence was felt as far away as floreffe. He was Henry the Lion's confessor and attended him on his deathbed. He practiced heroic patience and self-denial, and miracles were credited to him within his lifetime. He is traditionally venerated in the Diocese of Osnabrück, and his cult was papally approved for the Premonstratensian Order c. 1725.

Feast: June 15.

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