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ILLOWY (Illovy, Illawy, Illoway, Jilovy, Jilovsky, Illafsky ), family in Bohemia-Moravia. The first known by this name was samuel (d. 1695), who went from Ilava in western Slovakia to Uhersky Brod, Moravia, as a shammash. His son jacob (also d. 1695) settled in Bratislava, supplying Samuel *Oppenheimer in Vienna with fish for the imperial court. He was murdered while traveling. phinehas (d. c. 1759), a pupil of the Bratislava yeshivah, was rabbi of the Oppenheimer family synagogue and official Hebrew translator for the government. He returned to Uhersky Brod around 1732 and added Broda to his name. His son jacob (d. 1781) was rabbi in *Kolin from 1746 until his death. Another of his sons, solomon, settled in Prostejov where his son, Feith *Ehrenstamm, established the textile industry. jacob loeb, who settled in Kolin, was the father of Bernard *Illowy, the Orthodox leader in the U.S. rudolf illovy (d. 1943), Czecho-Jewish publicist, also a member of this family, died in Theresienstadt.


R. Illovy, in: Kalendář česko-židovsky (1930/31), 18–37.

[Meir Lamed]