Hollander, Isaiah ben Aaron

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HOLLANDER, ISAIAH BEN AARON (1806–1872), dayyan of Altona. In his youth Hollander and his friend, Jacob Cohen (1808–1905), studied for 10 years at the yeshivah of Moses *Sofer in Pressburg. On their teacher's instructions they returned to Altona and taught Talmud in accordance with the method of pilpul prevalent at the Pressburg yeshivah. They also assisted in the yeshivah of Jacob *Ettlinger and for a number of years Hollander was a member of Ettlinger's bet din. Some of his Torah novellae were published in the periodical Shomer Ziyyon ha-Ne'eman (no. 201 (1885), 400b f.). In 1834 Moses Sofer referred a problem (responsa Hatam Sofer, oḤ no. 4 (1845) 2a) to Hollander and Cohen, addressing them as "my distinguished young pupils."


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[Yehoshua Horowitz]