Goudimel, Claude

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Renaissance composer and music editor; b. Besançon, France, c. 1514; d. Lyon, 1572. He studied at the University of Paris and was Du Chemin's music editor and partner until 1555. His residences include Metz, where he became a Huguenot (1557 c. 1565), Besançon, and Lyon, where he died in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre. Among his works were five Masses, three Magnificats, about ten Latin motets, psalm-motets (155166), psalms, about 60 chansons, Horatian odes (lost), Muret's spiritual songs (lost), and bowdlerizations of Arcadelt chansons. Although he composed for the Catholic church, his Calvinist psalms in the Marot-Bèze translations (some homorhythmic, with the Genevan melodies in the tenor, and others, more florid, with the tunes in the superius cantus ) are his most famous works.

See Also: psalters, metrical; hymns and hymnals.

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