Gauderich of Velletri

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Bishop; fl. second half of 9th century; d. before 897. One of the chief counselors of Pope John VIII, he had probably been consecrated bishop of Velletri by Pope Nicholas I c. 865. Shortly after Nicholas's death (Nov. 13, 867), Gauderich, together with Bp. Stephen of Nepi and john the deacon (Hymmonides), was unjustly exiled by Duke Lambert of Spoleto, but was soon recalled to Rome by Pope adrian ii (December 867). In 868 Adrian had Gauderich and Bishop formosus (later pope) ordain the Slavic disciples of St. Cyril who had just arrived in Rome. In the Roman synod of 869, Gauderich, as spokesman for the bishops, urged severe action against photius. In the following decade, he performed several important legations for Pope john viii. In 879 he was instrumental in securing the rehabilitation of Photius; and, apparently in gratitude, Photius sent him a very friendly letter and a gift (probably an enameled cross) in spring 880. Though Gauderich died before 897, there is no substantial proof that he had retired to Monte Cassino. To honor Pope St. clement i, patron of his cathedral, he asked John Hymmonides to compile an account of Clement's miracles and the translation of his relics to Rome. He received a description of this translation from anastasius the Librarian (Epistolae 7:435438). Hymmonides died before finishing the work, which was then completed by Gauderich himself [Bibliotheca Casiniensis IV (Monte Cassino 1874) 373390]. Although only partially preserved, this work was used by later authors, and is one of the chief sources for the lives of SS. cyril and Methodius.

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