Frodobert, St.

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Monk, founder of Montier-la-Celle; b. Troyes, 595;d. Dec. 31, 673. After being educated at the cathedral school and admitted as a cleric of the church of Troyes, he became a monk in luxeuil, returning to Troyes several years later to enter the bishop's service. Frodobert, wanting to satisfy his love of silence and humility, asked for and obtained from King Clovis II and bathildis the Île Germanique, a marshy area on the outskirts of Troyes. There he founded a monastery (c. 650) dedicated to St. Peter. A charter of Clothar III and Bathildis (657) confirmed the gift. Frodobert's cult was recognized when, at the request of Abbot Bodo, Bishop Ottulph exhumed Frodobert's relics in 872 from the magnificent tomb to which they had been transferred by Abbot Bobinus in 790. Ottulph changed his feast from January 1 to 8.

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