Frassinetti, Giuseppe

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Pastor, writer, and founder of the Sons of Mary Immaculate (FSMI); b. Genoa, 1804; d. there, Jan. 2, 1868. The brother of Bl. Paola Frassinetti, he was ordained in 1827. After laboring in the ministry at S. Pietro di Quinto al Mare, he became pastor of S. Sabina in Genoa in 1839, where he remained thereafter. His intensely active pastoral apostolate won for him the reputation of being "the Italian curé d'Ars." Besides busying himself with many other works, Frassinetti was a voluminous writer whose works went through many editions. These include: Compendio della teologia dogmatica (Genoa 1839; 26th ed. Turin 1903); Gesù Cristo regola del sacerdote (Florence 1852; 11th ed. Genoa 1899); Il conforto dell'anima divota (Naples 1852; 14th ed. Rome 1906); Manuale pratico del parocho novello (Novara 1863; 10th ed. Turin 1902); Compendio della teologia morale di S. Alfonso (2v. Genoa 186566; 11th ed. Turin 1948); and many others. Frassinetti's cause for beatification was introduced at Rome in 1939.

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