Ferdinand, Bl.

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Infante of Portugal; b. Santarém, Portugal, Sept. 29, 1402; d. Fez, Morocco, June 5, 1443. He lived as a monk at the court of his father, John I, and, at 20, became grand master of the Order of aviz. He was a model of virtue and chivalryaverse to argumentation, criticism, and swearingchaste of body and soul. In command of the disastrous Portuguese expedition to capture Tangiers in

September 1437, he surrendered himself, his secretary, his confessor, and several pages as hostages to the Moroccans to save his troops. The Portuguese refused to deliver Ceuta as Ferdinand's ransom, and he died after a harsh captivity, which he endured with great patience. In 1451, João Alvarez, his secretary, brought Ferdinand's heart to Lisbon and wrote an account of his captivity (Acta Sanctorum June 1:552581, and Coimbra 1911). The rest of his relics were translated from Morocco to Batalha in 1463. Calderón's El príncipe constante dramatizes Ferdinand's career.

Feast: June 5.

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Ferdinand, Bl.

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