Eliakim Goetz ben Meir

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ELIAKIM GOETZ BEN MEIR (c. 1700), rabbi and author; grandson of R. Judah Loeb *Hanneles. He was rabbi in Swarzedz and Hildesheim. In 1700 he left Germany to travel to Ereẓ Israel, but on passing through Posen, where his father had been rabbi, he was persuaded to accept the rabbinate there, and was active until 1707. Goetz wrote (1) Rappeduni be-Tappuhim, a commentary on the 24 aggadic sayings of Rabba bar bar Ḥana (bb 73–74), published posthumously by his son Samvil, dayyan of Swarzedz (Berlin, 1712); (2) Even ha-Shoham, and Me'irat Einayim, a collection of responsa, the first part published by his son Meir (Dyhernfurth, 1733).


Michael, Or, no. 465.

[Jacob Haberman]

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Eliakim Goetz ben Meir

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