Einzig, Paul

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EINZIG, PAUL (1897–1973), British economist. Born in Brasov, Romania, Einzig was educated in Budapest and after World War i settled in London where he was the first economic reporter on East European conditions. He became foreign editor of the Financial News and later political correspondent for that paper and the Financial Times. His main field was monetary policy and foreign exchange operations. Einzig's criticism of official policy, which drew considerable public attention, brought him into frequent conflict with cabinet ministers and central bankers. He advocated closer parliamentary scrutiny of public spending. Einzig wrote more than 50 books, including Monetary Reform in Theory and Practice (1936), Primitive Money in its Ethnological, Historical and Economic Aspects (1949), How Money is Managed (1954), History of Foreign Exchange (1962), Foreign Exchange Crises (1967), The Case Against Floating Exchange Rates (1970), and Destiny of the Dollar (1972). In 1960 he published an autobiography, In the Centre of Things.

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