Drachsler, Julius

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DRACHSLER, JULIUS (1889–1927), U.S. sociologist. Drachsler was born in Austro-Hungary, taught at Smith College and at the City College of New York. He served in the Bureau of War Risk Insurance (1918–19), was assistant secretary of the Jewish Big Brother Association (1913–15), assistant executive director of the Bureau for Jewish Social Research (1919–20), secretary of the faculty of the School for Jewish Communal Work (1915–18), president of the Conference on Immigration Policy (1921–22), and consultant of the Bureau of Jewish Social Research (1921–22). In addition, he served as director of the training courses for community center workers of the National Jewish Welfare Board. In his organizational as well as in his scholarly work, Drachsler's interest was centered on topics relevant to the sociology of Jews, then in its infancy. His major published works are Democracy and Assimilation (1920) and Intermarriage in New York City (1921). The latter is considered a classic in the demography of the Jews, and has been frequently quoted in subsequent studies on intermarriage.

[Werner J. Cahnman]