Decius, Phillipus (Philippe de Dexio)

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Professor of Canon and civil law; b. Milan, 1454; d. Siena, 1536. At 20 he taught law in Paris; he later taught law in Siena (1490). In 1502 he was auditor of the Roman Rota. While teaching at Siena in 1505, he instigated a meeting of cardinals opposing Julius II in favor of LouisXII. For this he was excommunicated. He fled to France, where he taught at Valence. His former pupil, Leo IX, Julius's successor, summoned Decius to Rome. Francis I recalled him to France, but he returned to Italy to reside in Pisa. His important works include the Commentaria in Decretales; the Repetitiones, edited in Pisa in 1490; and the Consilia (Lyons 1565, with notes by C. Dumoulin). His writings on the authority of the general councils and the Council of Pisa appear in Goldast's Monarchia S. Romani Imperii (Frankfurt 161421).

Bibliography: r. naz, Dictionnaire de droit canonique, ed. r. naz (Paris 193565) 4:1059. a. van hove, Commentarium Lovaniense in Codicem iuris canonici 1, v.15 (Mechlin 19281945) 1:499.

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