De Vries, André

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DE VRIES, ANDRÉ (1911–1996), Israel physician and medical scientist. De Vries, who was born in Leeuwarden, Holland, studied in Amsterdam. After holding various appointments in Holland, he immigrated to Palestine in 1940 and at first became a farmer. Persuaded to return to medicine, he joined the staff of Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem in 1942. In 1954 he subsequently became director of the department of internal medicine and of the institute of medical research at Beilinson Hospital near Tel Aviv. In 1960 he was appointed clinical professor of medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. De Vries was one of the founders of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and in 1964 became dean of this faculty. In 1970 he was awarded the Israel Prize for medical science. His main research was on the methods of production of antivenins (notably snake venoms) and the epidemiology of kidney stones in sub-tropical climates.

[Joseph W. Davis]