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C.V.-ZEITUNG (Central-Verein-Zeitung), weekly newspaper published in Berlin between 1922 and 1938 to replace the former monthly Im Deutschen Reich (founded 1895) as the official organ of the *Central-Verein deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens (cv). One of its subtitles was *Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums in reference to the venerable German-Jewish newspaper founded under this name by Ludwig *Philippson in 1837 and which ceased to appear in 1922. The cv-Zeitung's chief editor between 1922 and 1933 was the director of the cv,Ludwig *Hollaender, followed up to the end by Alfred Hirschberg. The gradual deletion of the paper's subtitles reflects the hostile attitude of the Nazi regime to the "assimilationist" cv and its newspaper: as early as August 1933 the subheading Organ des Centralvereins deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens disappeared from the masthead. From April 1935 on the boldface line Zeitung fuer Deutschtum und Judentum had had to be omitted by government order, leaving Allgemeine Zeitung des Judentums as the sole subtitle. The cv Zeitung was the most widely read Jewish newspaper in Germany, reaching a circulation of 73,000 in 1926. It ceased publication, like almost all Jewish papers, after the pogroms of November 1938.


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[Avraham Barkai (2nd ed.)]