Chomsky, Dov

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CHOMSKY, DOV (1913–1976), Hebrew poet and educator. Chomsky, who was born in Minsk, was educated in Poland, where he taught in Tarbut Hebrew schools. In 1936 he immigrated to Palestine and served in the Jewish Brigade during World War ii. Later he was sent as an emissary of the Keren Hayesod to Poland and as an educator to Mexico. In 1958 he became director of Bet ha-Sofer ("Writer's House") in Tel Aviv, and from 1964 was the general secretary of the Authors' Association. His poems appeared in the Israeli press and in Hebrew journals from 1931. His books of poetry include Ba-Me'arbel (1933), Ẓohorayim la-Ba'ot (1937), Vila'ot (1940), Ha-Ḥof ha-Aḥer (1941), Mafteḥot Avudim (1942), Ei Sham (1944), Mi-Shirei ha-Midbar (1947), and Alei Derekh (1951). His volume of selected poetry Ezov ba-Even appeared in 1966, followed by Avak Ḥuẓot (1972) and the posthumously published collection Ẓe'adim al Gesher (1977).

[Getzel Kressel]