Brie, Luis Hartwig

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BRIE, LUIS HARTWIG (1834–1919), Argentinian communal leader. Born in Hamburg, Germany, Brie arrived in Brazil in 1847 and enlisted in the Brazilian Legion formed to help General Urquiza in his uprising against Rosas, who held absolute power in Argentina. He participated in the battle of Caseros in 1852, in which Rosas was ousted. He stayed in Argentina and became a citizen in 1871. In spite of the fact that he intermarried and his children were raised in the Catholic faith, Brie was very active in the foundation and organization of the main Jewish institutions in Argentina. He was president of the Congregación Israelita de la República Argentina during the periods 1895–97 and 1904–15, one of the promoters of the ḥevrah kaddisha in 1894 (see *amia), and was its first president during 1894–97. Brie participated in the Argentine war against Paraguay during the 1860s and served in the government's forces against the uprising in 1890. He also held responsible posts in the municipality of Buenos Aires for several decades.

[Victor A. Mirelman]

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Brie, Luis Hartwig

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