Bloch, Elijah Meyer

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BLOCH, ELIJAH MEYER (c. 1894–1955), Lithuanian rabbi and dean of the Telz (Telshe) Yeshivah in the U.S. Bloch, who was born and educated in Telz, Lithuania, was appointed to the faculty of the yeshivah there in 1917. With the Russian occupation of Lithuania, the yeshivah was moved to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1941, under Bloch's leadership. Bloch retained the singular "Telz style" in Talmud study, which stresses precise inductive reasoning. He resisted every attempt at compromise with the Reform elements of the community, yet succeeded in obtaining the support of the Cleveland Jewish Federation for the local Orthodox high school. Active with the Agudat Israel since the Marienbad Conference of 1937, Bloch played a leading role in the American Agudah. He was also a member of Mo'eẓet Gedolei ha-Torah, the international body which guides the World Agudah on questions of Torah principle, where he was known for the universality of his approach. Bloch actively supported Israel.


Dos Yidishe Vort (Feb. 1955).