Bernheim, Louis

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BERNHEIM, LOUIS (1861–1931), Belgian army officer. Born in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Bernheim was commissioned in the Grenadiers and was transferred to the general staff in 1888. Later he returned to the Grenadiers and on the outbreak of World War i commanded the 7th Infantry Regiment at Antwerp. At the battle of the Marne, Bernheim commanded a Belgian brigade in the First Division and later defended Antwerp against German attacks. He subsequently took command of the First Division. He was seriously wounded in September 1915 but was promoted to lieutenant general in the following year and in 1918 commanded three Belgian divisions in Flanders in the final advance on the German lines. Bernheim received numerous awards and honors and was given a state funeral. After his death a statue was erected in his honor in a Brussels square.


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