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Toggenburg (tôg´ənbŏŏrkh), region in the Thur valley, St. Gall canton, NE Switzerland. Dairying, livestock breeding, and textile production are its main industries, and tourism is significant. After the death (1436) of the last count of Toggenburg the territory was claimed by Zürich, and a civil war between Zürich and the rest of the Swiss Confederation resulted (1443–50); Zürich was defeated. The territory was purchased (1468) from the confederation by the abbot of St. Gall. In 1712 the quarrels between the abbot and the Protestant communities of the Toggenburg served as a pretext for the War of the Toggenburg, between the Catholic and the Protestant cantons of the Swiss Confederation. The Catholics, numerically weaker, were quickly defeated, and religious equality was established. In 1803 the region became part of St. Gall canton.